irene marx Irene Marx is the creative and technical force behind a+morph, a boutique print and web design studio. Located in Oranienburg near Berlin, a+morph creates unique design concepts for discerning clients worldwide – fine art dealers in New York, vintners in the Napa Valley, world-class chefs in Phnom Penh, luxury architectural suppliers in Los Angeles, and art magazine publishers in Singapore.

As a seasoned illustrator, Irene brings a true artist's eye to her design work. Projects by a+morph feature bold, rich colors and are bolstered to dramatic effect by strong typography and a savvy use of space and contrast. These are unique works tailored to the distinct business and communication goals of the a+morph client. The projects are built from the ground up, creating the strong, positive, and long-lasting impressions that each client desires.

Irene co-operates with programmers, photographers, illustrators, editors, and marketing experts to provide comprehensive business services.

a+morph client projects have been featured in the publications of prominent design publishers such as Die Gestalten Verlag, Index Book, and Taschen.

Take a moment to enjoy the client portfolio of the a+morph website. The design spectrum includes book and magazine design, corporate logo and identity development, marketing and public relations collateral, interactive media, and web design and development.

To start your own project with the a+morph design studio, email